Be ready: Cupid’s Coming

A day all about love can be lonely for those without it- but it doesn’t have to be.


by Dawin Suk, staff

Valentine’s day is coming around the corner. And whether this month brings excitement or a feeling of resentment, you should try to celebrate this worldwide holiday. Here are some tips to help your chances this Valentine’s day.  

First tip: There is no shortcut that can instantly get you attention. Take the small steps first. Change the things that are changeable, like better clothes, a clean haircut, and some nice jewelry. Doing subtle things to change your appearance can go a long way.

Although your appearance matters, the real determining factor is to be more outgoing. Go outside your social comfort zone. Be someone who stands out from the crowd. Someone that people will want to be around. Talk to your peers more, and stop worrying about what others think. You will realize that many people will be attracted to you, and not only in a romantic way. If you think that you must be a certain type of person to get attention during Valentine’s day, you are wrong. As long as you are yourself, you will start to attract the things you want in your life. 

If you have a crush on someone, trying to approach them is one of the most difficult things to do. You shouldn’t worry, just approach them as you would to any other person. Your crush is not some special person. They eat, sleep, and breathe just like you. It’s very unlikely that they have been approached out of nowhere before. Taking initiative is always good, as it shows your confidence and gives them a glimpse of your personality and what you have to offer. You should at least be able to ask them their number. If that fails, then it is best to move on to the next person.

Getting rejected is one of the worst feelings ever. But it teaches you the harsh reality of life. Not everything will be handed to you, and you should be proud of yourself for going outside your comfort zone. Everyone will graduate eventually and you getting rejected will be forgotten in the busy halls of Shorewood. As heartbroken as you are, you can channel your heartbreak into other things, like gym motivation or finding a hobby. Being single is nothing to be ashamed of. So break a leg this Valentine’s day!