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Military path requires commitment, offers many benefits

Less common choice can bring increased opportunities
by Lilly Fox, Staff Reporter
June 8, 2023
Navigating the growing selectivity of the UW - FEATURE COMMENTARY

Navigating the growing selectivity of the UW – FEATURE COMMENTARY

'plan for options and be open-minded’
by Ava Meadows, Staff
June 8, 2023

Gap year plans: Ingrid Lid and Rachel Kaplan

Study abroad, film and horseback riding
by Chloe Brockway-Langehaug, Staff
June 8, 2023

Archer-Rivera: First Generation Lute

Senior headed to Pacific Lutheran credits AVID, Murray, Stephens, and family for help
by Grace Linberg, Staff Reporter
June 8, 2023

Staff shout-outs

We asked students to send in personal messages to the teachers who have positively impacted their time in high school. Here is what they said:
by Eliana Megargee, Editor-In-Chief
June 8, 2023

College Consultants: Advice from grads about college life

Shorewood graduates share their best advice for seniors
by Kaylee Logan, Staff
June 8, 2023
Photo courtesy by Leslie Silver

Celebrating Women’s History Month Shorewood-style

Stories that make up some of Shorewood’s women staff
by Anya Farwell and Ursula Stickelmaier, Section Editor & Co-Editor-in- Chief
April 16, 2023

Preferred pronouns deterred?

by Audrey Gray, Opinion Editor
April 16, 2023
Art by Ellen Hume

Senior class budget woes no more

The class of 2023 in good financial position now
by Sophia Calandrillo, Staff
April 16, 2023
Film Club members play a game in which they guess
movie posters by color pallette. (Photo by Minseo Kim)

All about artsy clubs

Stormray films, crafting smiles, and bullet journal club
by Anya Farwell, Ellen Hume and Kaylee Logan, Staff Reporters
April 16, 2023
Art by Ellison Lu

Juggling Jobs

How to find a balance between school and work
by Lilly Fox, Staff Reporter
April 16, 2023
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