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Traveling far from home

Students going abroad

Have you ever thought about going abroad for university? Well, many students here at Shorewood are off to universities all around the world. Exploring new cities, countries, and cultures. All while gaining many new experiences.

Sam Borgida, senior, is headed off to the University of St Andrews located in Fife, Scotland. “I knew I wanted to go abroad back in 7th grade. I saw a picture of St Andrews while on the bus ride home and I knew it was a place I really wanted to live,” Borgida said. When choosing a school for after high school, Borgida knew that the UK programs appealed to him more than the programs offered at universities in the United States.  

Located only two hours away from St Andrews, Emilia Garibay-Romero, senior, will be attending the University of Glasgow also located in Scotland. The University of Glasgow drew Garibay-Romero there due to the major they offered and the prestige level of academics that is present there. Along with the high level of academics the location itself drew Garibay-Romero to the university. “I chose the school…because it looks the coolest and is in a city that I would like to live in,” Garibay-Romero said. Going abroad has been something on Garibay-Romero’s mind for a long time. “I knew I wanted to go abroad when I was a freshman because I knew I wanted to keep exploring the world,” she said. 

Marieka Staheli, senior, also has plans on going abroad for university. Staheli will be attending the University of Amsterdam. “Throughout the year as I tried to decide on a school, my college list really just kept shrinking until it ended up just being a few schools in Europe that I really liked,” Staheli said. Once the list was down to a few schools, Staheli made her decision. “I chose the University of Amsterdam because it’s in a beautiful city and I’m super excited about the bachelor’s program there,” she said. The University of Amsterdam has it all for Staheli. 

Once at St. Andrews, Borgida plans to study management along with financial economics and statistics. “The school has strong programs and high employment and grad school rates after graduation,” he said. At the University of Glasgow, Garibay-Romero plans on studying human biology for the first two years and then going into the medical field. Finally, while at the University of Amsterdam, Staheli plans to study politics, psychology, law and economics (PPLE).

Traveling and moving to a new country can be scary. While Borgida has traveled a bit over his life, he has never lived abroad before. “I am most nervous about my first week there. I am going alone to school, and that first week before I get my bearings will be the most stressful and nervous part of going to school,” Borgida said.

Garibay-Romero has lived all across the world including Mexico and China, however has never lived alone abroad. “I am most excited about being able to keep traveling and exploring new places in the world and living somewhere new and different,” Garibay-Romero said. 

Staheli admits being in a new place can be scary. “I’m most nervous about navigating a new city independently for the first time,” Staheli said. However, she is no stranger to living abroad. “I lived in a rural town in Costa Rica for one year as an exchange student which I think really influenced my decision to look at colleges abroad,” Staheli said. Even with the nerves, Staheli is excited for her move. “It’s exciting to live and study in a European city and meet a bunch of new people from all over the world,” she said. 

While it may seem daunting to move abroad for university, it can offer many new opportunities that you wouldn’t experience any other way. “I am most excited about the connections and people I am going to make over there. Most of my friends will not be American and I think it will be very important for learning different world cultures, perspectives, and personalities,” Borgida said.

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