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the student newspaper of Shorewood High School

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The Tempest

Suiting up for spring sports

Taking a closer look at spring uniform


  1. Baseball

The baseball team has three different uniforms. The team has white pants to match with either a white, blue, or gray. The classic matching pinstripe shirt and pants are a fan favorite. The Shorewood lettering and players’ numbers are very crisp and bold. Another vital part of the uniform is the baseball hat. The simple “SW” on the front and the Wyatt Tonkin patch on the side gives the baseball hat a lot of meaning. 

  1. Fastpitch Softball

The softball team has a similar style to the boys except for black pants instead of white. When they wear the all black uniforms it allows the blue socks and belt to pop, along with the lettering on the front and back. The all-black is an almost identical style to the track uniforms. Their other uniform is a blue top with green sleeves. This is a very unique look compared to the rest of the sports uniforms which helps put softball at such a high rank. The black pants also allow for the players to slide from base to base without seeing all of the dirt. Most girls on the team use fun hairstyles like bubble braids to show their personalities.

  1. Boys Soccer

The boys soccer team has two uniform colors which are white and blue. The Adidas stripe design is cool but a little basic. Many soccer players cut their socks and wear grip socks under them for both performance and drip. The most stylish soccer players cut their socks, have high above-the-knee socks, and wear wrist tape. People also love the small Stormray design on the top of the back of the uniforms. One of the major downsides is that it doesn’t look good when all the players don’t wear the same jersey.

  1. Track

The track team has one of the cleanest uniforms. The all black tank tops with matching black shorts along with vibrant blue and white Shorewood letters makes the letters pop against the black background. This style is very similar to the black softball and baseball uniforms. Both the boys and girls have the same color and style of uniform. Most female athletes agree that the shorts provided are bad quality so most players end up buying their own. A big part of the track style is to accessorize. The most stylish track athletes wear fun accessories like pit vipers, arm and leg sleeves, headbands, and chain necklaces. They also have fun and vibrant spike colors that give the uniform some extra points. Some of the seniors even posed with their shoes in their sports portraits.

  1. Girls Tennis

The girl’s tennis team has a simple Shorewood logo on a blue v-neck t-shirt. The majority of the girls like this uniform but would like a newer design with a Stormray. Only having one uniform is sometimes irritating when there are multiple tennis matches in a week. Along with the shirt, the girls also have a basic blue jacket with a white line down the side of the arm. With tennis, you can wear any Shorewood shirt or color which allows for a lot of options. The team doesn’t wear matching bottoms which makes the team appear unorganized. It would be nice to see a new uniform design like black or white and get the team some matching skirts.

  1. Boys & Girls Golf

Both the girls and boys teams have uniforms that are alike. The boys have blue jackets and black polo shirts. The girls have a similar style with a black jacket, track pants, and hat. The uniforms are very basic and nothing really stands out. There aren’t any big logos or designs. The outfits look very comfortable, especially with the cold weather at the beginning of the season. The team tends to not wear the same exact thing so that is why it isn’t ranked as high.

  1. Girls Water Polo

Overall, the girl’s water polo team has fun colors with the swimsuits but is lacking with the rest of the uniform. This isn’t their fault though. The caps they wear just aren’t very stylish but they are important for protecting the player’s ears. The different caps also help to identify the players. The players don’t all wear the same color which makes it look unprofessional. Overall the uniforms that they have are necessary for the sport and it is okay if they don’t look as good as the rest of the uniforms.

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