Isabella Vazquez: Designer in New York

Vazquez talks pursuing art across the country

by Zoe Kelton, Staff

In the middle of Greenwich Village, New York, a series of towering buildings watch over busy streets– classic pillars, then simple but sleek windows, then looming black and red geometric shapes. Inside, college students rush from class to class, each with a different focus in mind: communication, architecture, fine arts. A clean metal sign on the building reads ‘Parsons: The New School For Design.’ Isabella Vazquez, senior, plans to attend Parsons School of Design in New York City this upcoming autumn with a major in interior design. 

It wasn’t easy for Vazquez to settle on a major. “I was always told, ‘you have to do something that makes money.’” But over COVID-19’s quarantine, Vazquez took advantage of her free time to discover her passion for design. “I had a lot of hobbies over quarantine. I came out of that and interior design [was] something that I [could] see myself doing… I was like, this is a job. Wait, I can do this as a job,” Vazquez said.

Vazquez plans to major in interior design with a double minor in fashion and management and leadership. Vazquez says “If I wanted to start my own business, one day, for interior design, I would know what to do… eventually, once I’ve worked at a different company for a while, I’d like to have my own brand. My own way of doing things… I think owning and managing my own business would be really fun.”

When she initially applied to Parsons, Vazquez didn’t expect to get in. “It’s definitely a dream school.” Vazquez says she was initially planning on applying to 17 other colleges but “I applied early decision to Parsons and I found out about that one… really early.” She doesn’t know anybody in New York City, and all of her family in the area live hours away– but despite that, she’s still more excited than scared about going to college in New York. “I’m really excited to see something new, something fresh… I think that having that big experience for college is something that really was attractive to me.”

Art has always been important to Vazquez. “Art– in general, not just design– has been really beneficial in keeping my brain alive. I can feel my mind working harder when I’m doing something I really love,” she said. “It builds my imagination, it helps me keep the creative side of [myself]. I think that’s really important for my personality and who I am. Because I like having that 

imagination.” When asked if she had any words of wisdom for students still unsure what they wanted to pursue, Vazquez had some simple advice: “Pursue what you love.”