Staff shout-outs

We asked students to send in personal messages to the teachers who have positively impacted their time in high school. Here is what they said:

by Eliana Megargee, Editor-In-Chief

Mr. Proudlove has been an amazing teacher and was so impactful on me and many other Shorewood students. He has taught me practical skills I will use for the rest of my life and helped me gain confidence and grow into the person I am today. His work in robotics is appreciated by everyone who is a part of the club and has given me opportunities I would have gotten no other way and some of my best high school memories.”

– Kaylee Logan 


Dom Nouwens, enough said.” 

– Finley Hill


“I’d like to shout-out Mr. Torrey. He’s honestly my favorite PE teacher of all time, and he’s so chill and laid back. He’s always there when I need a spot on my lift or even just to talk about my fitness/gym/goals. I’m glad I was able to have him for Strength & Fit and Senior Lifetime Sports this year, and I’ll definitely miss him after graduating 

from Shorewood!” 

– Charles Jahn


Ms. Han–Thank you for being here for me for the past four years. You are a good listener. Thanks for making time to cheer me up, and encouraging me to be my best.” 

– Anonymous 


Ms. Chase or what I prefer to call her, Mama Chase. Mama Chase is the most caring, loving teacher I’ve ever had. She has a type of energy that makes you feel seen and protected and she fully cares about every student she has. She enforces a good curriculum but doesn’t make it stressful for her students. She listens with open ears and arms and she’ll give you advice that will really stick with you. Ms. Chase deserves the world and she is truly a saint. One of my favorite memories of Ms. Chase was a random day that she decided to buy dark band-aids so all of her classmates could be included because she couldn’t stand the discrimination. Whenever I’m having a bad day Ms. Chase will cheer me up with random stories and giggles. She’s so much more than a teacher to me, but she really is a second mom. I know no matter how bad something is I can

talk to her with no guilt. Her presence is extremely calming and to anyone who takes the time to read this, if you haven’t stopped by to get to know Ms. Chase, say hi and get to know this amazing teacher and friend.” 

– Elle Grant


Gonzalo Vazquez– truly one of the coolest staff members out there. He’s always down to talk about things I love, such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Marvel. He’s supported me through good and bad times over the past two years, and deserves the world. Like so many others I’m sad to see him go next year, but the impact he has had on this community is lasting and significant.” 

– Ally Carter


Ms. C’Strannè is such an amazing teacher and person and she has made choir an incredible, welcoming 

environment for everyone involved. I’ve had her as a teacher for all four years of high school and I could not ask for anyone more talented, nurturing, funny, and kind to guide me through being a performer and a student. I will miss her terribly when I go off to college, but I know that the impact she’s had on me will last my entire life.”

– Eliana Megargee


Ms. Silver is amazing at her 

grammar and she never misses it.” 

– Dahyun Kim


Mr. Bagley is one of the most engaging and helpful teachers I’ve ever had. When I’m in his class I feel like I’m actually learning every day. He makes the lessons interesting with demonstrations and explanations, and Mr. Bagley is always willing to give extra help. I genuinely enjoy learning in his class.” 

– Molly McGeoy


Mr. Hunter–I describe him as understanding, energetic, and very easygoing. You make history super fun.” 

– Anonymous


Good luck on your next adventure Mr. Eklund, 

we love you!