Hole in one

A guide to the best mini-golf in Washington

Art by Bella Holcomb

Art by Bella Holcomb

by Lily Fox, Staff Reporter

Wall deserve to have fun on the weekends and just put school in the back of our minds. What better way to do that than to play some mini golf? This list has the best courses in the area for you to enjoy your weekends with family and friends.

Station 49 

Starting this list off with my personal favorite, Station 49. The complex courses and creative obstacles make up for the hour and a half drive there from Shoreline to Blaine. This course also has a go kart track and while it is quite basic, it makes for a very fun time. So pack your bags and I’ll see you there. Blaine, Washington. $11.95

Family Fun Center

While I am still mourning the loss of the Edmonds Family Fun Center we also have the option of the Tukwila location. I know most of us grew up going to birthday parties here and going crazy in go karts. The elaborate courses make for a great time and the fun decorations make it perfect for a family day. The bright colors and fishing a golf ball out of a pond will always make me nostalgic. 

The excitement doesn’t end at the iconic mini golf. Family Fun Center also offers bumper boats, bowling, laser tag and an absolutely decked out arcade. I wouldn’t skip out on the opportunity to live out your childhood dreams. 

Tukwila, Washington. $10 + tax

King Mini Golf

This 18 hole course is $10 a person, which is very reasonable for the experiences you will have there. This course is located in Puyallup but the water and rock features they display on their course make it even more worth the drive. The energy of this course is very fun and assures that you’ll have a good time. So, if you ever find yourself in Puyallup you might want to consider stopping by.

Puyallup, Washington. $10

Monster Mini Golf

Located in Bellevue this course definitely lives up to its name. This indoor course has amazing black light paintings and some of the coolest monsters you will find. They also offer bowling, an arcade, laser tag, and a complicated rope course. The fun environment of this option makes it perfect for a birthday or even just a fun weekend excursion. 

Bellevue, Washington. $12   

High Trek

This course is more on the simple side compared to the other courses on this list, but is our closest option, located in Everett. Just because this course doesn’t have big monsters or fountains doesn’t mean it should be slept on. The holes are challenging and good for a competitive spirit. They also have one of the craziest rope courses I’ve ever seen that is perfect for friends looking for a fun group activity.

Everett, Washington. $8