Hidden Gems in Seattle

Get out of Shoreline and explore


Cats at the Meowtropolitan. (Photo by Ava Meadows)

by Ava Meadows, Staff

Are you bored of the same old activ ities? Do you want to explore Seat tle beyond the boundaries of Shoreline? Well, hopefully you said yes to both questions, because I’ve got a treat for you. Through my own soul-searching, I’ve come across a plethora of hidden gems throughout Seattle. Here’s an inside look at some of my personal favorites:

Ella-Bailey Park: Stowed away in the 

affluence of a Magnolia neighborhood lies the quaint Ella Bailey Park. Here you will find the best panoramic view of Seattle’s 

embrace. Trust me, it’s better than Gas Works. I arrived at the park once the sun was fully set to admire the lit city in the night sky. No picture could capture this beauty. Ella Bailey Park is the Richmond Beach Saltwater Park of Magnolia. Once the clock hit 10:30, the teens swarmed. While it might not be a hidden gem to them, it is definitely worth a drive for us Shoreline natives. 

 Seattle Meowtropolitan: In the heart of Wallingford lies a feline paradise. With an affordable fifteen bucks, you can spend an hour forming an unbreakable bond with a petite, pink-pawed tabby while sipping a 16 oz vanilla latte. From first-hand experience, you will leave the cafe with a newly adopted cat, or at least wishing you left with a newly adopted cat. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that each and every one of these kitties is adoptable? That’s right, your unbreakable bond does not have to end just because your pre-paid session came to a close. For me, it wasn’t so easy. I have lived my whole life burdened with resentment towards my parents for being severely allergic to cats. Because of this, I had to say goodbye to little “Cricket”, a 9 month-year-old orange tabby who scaled up my legs and nested in my lap. This was the epitome of pure bliss. Just because I can’t watch Cricket grow into a respectable young gentleman, doesn’t mean you can’t. Go check out Seattle Meowtropolitan to be warmed by the whimsy of feline joy. 

Fremont Vintage Mall: In Seattle’s realm of novelties, Fremont stashes a kaleidoscope of old-world treasures. As you walk down a staircase, you gradually enter a haven of 

anything and everything cool. Honestly, I can’t really put into words the charm of Fremont Vintage Mall other than it’s just really cool. My 20-year-old brother thinks it’s cool. My 60-year-old dad thinks it’s cool. For goodness sake, my 81-year-old grandma thought it was cool. All I’m saying is you can’t grow out of the coolness appeal that this place has to offer. They have everything from a one-of-a-kind graphic tee to photographic prints of Britney Spears to antiquated 

Victorian lamps. For your own benefit, I beg you to get lost in the Fremont Vintage Mall.

U:Don: Nestled within the District of college students, a hidden gem beckons to those seeking authentic Japanese cuisine. The secret allure of U:Don lies in its customizable options, allowing you to select your desired broth, protein, and topping to suit your taste buds. They also have a lunchroom-like setup, grab a tray and devour as many potstickers or egg rolls as your heart desires. And don’t you fret, a trip to U:Don isn’t going to break your bank account. You can share my love for noodle soup at a very affordable price.