Secrets of the dining scene in the city

The best Seattle restaurants for alternative eaters


by Maggie O'Shea, Staff Reporter

It can be tough to find restaurants that offer options for everyone, even in a city like Seattle. Say you want to take your parents out for a family dinner. Your mom is gluten-free, your dad is a vegetarian and you’re a vegan, and you don’t know where to take them. This list should help.

Cafe Flora, a unique vegetarian spot local to Seattle and located in Madrona, offers an inviting restaurant with a welcoming, warm feeling. Offering dinner, weekend brunch, breakfast, lunch, dessert and drink menus containing a variety of dietary options. While the entire menu is vegetarian, they also offer vegan, gluten-free and nut-free options. Cafe Flora is a great option for a sit down meal in a warm, inviting environment. Find Cafe Flora on Madison street in Madrona. 

Next Level Burger is an entirely plant-based fast food restaurant in Ravenna, offering many gluten-free options as well. They offer vegan shakes and a wide selection of burgers and other American food options, safe for most dietary restrictions. Find Next Level Burger on Roosevelt Way inside Whole Foods. 

Eltana, a bagel shop in Wallingford, offers gluten-free bagels and vegan spread options. It can be tough to find bagel shops that have options for all dietary restrictions and Eltana definitely fits the bill. Offering gluten-free bagels and a wide selection of vegan spread options, so everyone can enjoy themselves. They have a welcoming sit-in environment but are also perfect to take on the go. Find Eltana on Stone Way in Wallingford.


Araya’s Place is a vegan Thai restaurant located in Ravenna. They are entirely vegan, and offer a myriad of menu options for many different dietary restrictions including gluten-free and nut-free. They offer a lunch buffet, a drink menu and a dessert menu. Araya’s is the perfect place for a sit down Thai food experience that has options for everybody. Find Araya’s Place on University Way in Ravenna. 

Razzis, an Italian restaurant located in Phinney Ridge, offers a wide selection of gluten-free and vegan menu options. They are the perfect place for a large party sit down meal. They offer a vegan and a gluten-free menu. Razzis is an accessible option for a family dinner. Find Razzis on Greenwood Avenue in Phinney Ridge.

Frankie and Jo’s, a gluten-free and vegan ice cream shop located in Ballard, offers gluten-free ice cream cones and a wide selection of vegan ice cream options. It is a wonderfully decorated cute little ice cream shop;  the perfect stop for a late night vegan and gluten-free treat. Find Frankie and Jo’s on 70th Street in Ballard. 

Plum Bistro is an entirely vegan cuisine on Capitol Hill in Seattle. This local restaurant serves a large selection of delicious vegan options. The menu is entirely vegan, yet they also offer a number of gluten-free, nut-free and soy-free options. The sit-in environment is inviting and decorated well. Find Plum Bistro on 12th Avenue in Capitol Hill.