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Stormray films, crafting smiles, and bullet journal club


Film Club members play a game in which they guess movie posters by color pallette. (Photo by Minseo Kim)

by Anya Farwell, Ellen Hume and Kaylee Logan, Staff Reporters

Film club – Love movies? Want to review and critique your favorite films? 

Movies, motion pictures, talkies, film. This art form, known by many names, was first presented in a stuffy theater in 1895 Paris, France forever altering the way people interpreted motion pictures. Evolved from pictures linked together to seemingly appear to be in motion, to CGI and Marvel movies, film has been ever changing for the past 127 years. 

Apart from busy schedules, and after school activities, a group of Shorewood students find the time to meet in the Library once a week during lunch. Discussing the importance and fundamentals of the film world, and also taking part in fun discussions about their favorite movies and cinematic masterpieces, this is the Film Club! Librarian Mrs. Workman, the club advisor, stated, “We play movie related games – from trivia, to jeopardy style.” Playing fun guessing games with scenes from Inglorious Bastards, and Ratatouille, made by student Jackson Delles, the founder and president of the club. The club was first established in 2019, and started up again when school was reinstated after Covid-19. 

Although the club is filled with fun games, it’s also a place where film enthusiasts bond over the love of the art form. In this Workman highlighted her favorite movie. “I love The Goonies for its nostalgia. I watched it over and over with my brothers.” Calling on childhood favorites, and also the newest hits to screen in the theaters. “My current favorite being Everything Everywhere, All At Once.”

Although we are about to begin the last quarter of the second semester, Workman reassures students that are interested in joining this far along. “Anyone is welcome anytime, It’s every Thursday at lunch in the library.” This club is energetic and fun-filled, and is open to any students who are interested in film, or are just open to a lively conversation during lunch. 

Crafting smiles club – All welcome! Help community through donations and handmade goods!

Colorful skeins of yarn are strewn across almost every table- heads are bent over woven creations, intent on the practical art in front of them. These projects aren’t just simple home crafts: each piece will be donated, spreading warmth and joy straight from the rhythmic looping of a crochet hook to the arms of someone in need. 

Every Wednesday, Ms. Chertock’s room is filled with students in the Crafting Smiles club, crafting a myriad of projects in every color of the rainbow. Their care and focus is poured into creating everything from no-sew blankets to crochet bouquets to origami. These pieces are then donated to local hospitals and shelters. “We have donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital four no-sew blankets, but will soon be donating several crochet flower bouquets to nursing homes in April, and two collaborative patchwork blankets to hospitals and shelters in the near future!” Iris Kwak, a representative of Crafting Smiles, said. 

But Crafting Smiles isn’t just about giving love to the community. Leaders and members alike find that working together towards a common goal provides a supportive and very calming space. “Service Meetings are usually where I can really unwind while still being with people and just talk and craft. It’s my safe space,” Vy Nguyen, another representative of the club said. 

As for prospective members, don’t worry about having previous crafting experience. “At the beginning of the year, almost all of our members have never touched a crochet hook before, but now, everyone attending the service meetings can crochet squares, 3D crochet flowers, and contribute heavily to patchwork blankets,” Kwak said. Crafting Smiles provides the opportunity to engage in fiber arts for pros and beginners alike, with the added benefit of earning service hours for projects and giving back to the community. 

Crafting Smiles meets every first Thursday of the month for informational meetings, going over where they’re planning on donating, and how their project goals are coming along, but the brunt of the work and community building happens Wednesdays after school from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in Chertock’s room, 1113. Both representatives are clear that new members are welcome any time of year. “Honestly you can join any time,” said Nguyen, with Kwak chiming in to say, “Yeah, you can come anytime!”

Bullet journal club – Learn to plan and express yourself creatively

If you have spent enough time on Pinterest or Instagram, you’ve probably come across a Bullet journal. These journals combine art and function, creating amazing planners, calendars, and whatever else you need to stay organized. Bullet journals have become increasingly popular over the years as many find them practical and a great way to express yourself creatively. For those who have been Bullet Journaling for a while or want to try it out Bullet Journal Club is the place to be. 

Bullet Journal Club meets Fridays at lunch in Ms. Mann’s room, 2406. “We work on our journals and also do things like hand lettering and other creative activities,” said club leader Liah Nottingham, senior, explaining what regular meetings look like. The club is a friendly space where people have time to work on journals and hang out with friends and other students that share an interest in journaling. 

It can feel daunting to start a Bullet Journal for the first time. The ones on Pinterest and Instagram often look perfect with unique lettering and complex doodles. Bullet Journaling club is a great place to start learning how to make a bullet journal. They love teaching new members and want to create a tool that is useful and a creative outlet, not just a perfect looking spread. “You need no experience,” said Nottingham. “And we have sample journals if you want to try but don’t want to commit to a full journal.” For students who don’t necessarily want to start a bullet journal but want to work on their hand lettering or doodles, the club is still a great place to spend lunch. 

Bullet journal club is always looking for members, experienced or not to join. “We are a really fun group of people who love and are passionate about journaling and teaching people about journaling,” said Nottingham.

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