Q & A: The Masked Stormray

Who will be our new mascot?

by Ava Meadows & Chloe Brockway Langehanug, Staff Reporters

The Stormray. Is it a mythical creature? A native Washingtonian species? It’s Shorewood High School’s very own. As we approach the one year anniversary of the new mascot unveiling, the Shorewood student body yearns for more. What’s the purpose of a mascot without a brave soul to fill an unwashed costume and frantically jump around during a basketball game? Believe it or not, a Stormray mascot costume isn’t something you can just buy off Amazon. And it’s not easy to find a student who will willingly bring the Stormray to life at a sporting event. However, there is one special senior, who wishes to remain anonymous, particularly fascinated with taking up this daunting role. Here’s an inside look into the mind of this qualified contender who must remain anonymous. 

What makes you think you’ll make a good mascot? “I’m very energetic. I have a lot of school spirit. A lot of people rock my vibe, you know?”

Do you want to do it in secrecy so no one would know that you’re under the mascot costume? “It definitely would be that, it would definitely be a secrecy thing.”

What would be your go-to move as the Stormray mascot? “I’d probably hit the jump up and down, you know. Get the crowd up, get my arms in the air and do the flap thing.”

When did you get inspired to do this? “I was talking to one of your associates back in August, and they were talking about getting a costume, and I was like ‘Man, I would fit that, I rock with that.’”

Have you been dreaming about it ever since? “When I close my eyes at night, I see the Stormray.”

What would your young self think about this goal of yours, if you would even call it a goal? “My little self would be stoked like it was Christmas morning.”

What would your day-to-day as the Stormray mascot look like? “I’d wear the costume to bed, I’d wear it in the shower. I’d swim with it, so I could be an actual Stormray. I’d go to ocean school like in ‘Finding Nemo’.”

How would you deal with the heat of the costume? “It’s going to be tough. I just gotta meditate… And I’ll center myself.”

What is the main reason you want to be the Stormray? “Because it’s dope. And I’d be spreading school joy and spirit. It makes everyone appreciate the Stormray more.”


With this individual’s eager approach to the mascot position, our hopes are high for heightened school spirit. Within the next month, each and every one of us will be walking the same halls as the Stormray. The only question is… who is it?