Tri-M Honor Society

The secrets behind Shorewood’s elite music chapter

by Maggie O'Shea, Staff Reporter

Tri-M is Shorewood’s chapter of the National Music Honor Society. “We focus on conducting service to the Shorewood music community by organizing recitals, volunteer opportunities and community building events,” said Aida Chan, vice president of Tri M. “Our club brings together music leaders from our school and creates opportunities for those in the music program to participate in,” noted Ava Strasser, president of Tri M at Shorewood. 

Tri-M has various benefits for students in the Shorewood community. “Tri-M is a mixed group of students from all of the different music classes at Shorewood, so it’s really easy to meet new people and form a community and connections with each other. Plus, it’s a good way to get involved because we offer community service opportunities, as well as a space to share any ideas that involve the music community at Shorewood,” noted Strasser. And as an additional bonus, “Once Tri-M students join and fulfill all the requirements, they are able to earn a pink honor cord to keep and wear at graduation,” said Chan. “Students who are a part of the music program are eligible to join Tri-M. This includes anybody who is currently taking any choir, orchestra, drumline, or band class. 

Many of our members are section leaders or drum majors, or are just students who are interested in serving the Shorewood music department,” noted Chan. Tri-M is essentially, “a big group of musical leaders and those who put a lot into their music education at Shorewood and back into their communities,” according to Strasser. Tri-M is part of the National Honors Society and for students to join, they need to meet some requirements. “This includes being in a music class at Shorewood, writing a couple of short answers to some questions, having at least a 2.5 GPA, as well as meeting a points requirement,” Strasser said. Which consists of “the musical activities and volunteering service you have done. We are just starting to implement that back in this year since COVID, and have done a lot to make sure it is equitable to everyone who wants to participate,” Strasser noted. 

If the Shorewood community wants to get involved with Tri-M, they can attend their recital on Jan. 31st at 5 pm. It’s a free event and it is open to the public. If students are interested in Tri-M, they meet every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, during lunch in the Orchestra room. “I think a fundamental aspect of Tri-M is that we dedicate ourselves to serving the Shorewood community by spreading the love of music. 

We try to extend opportunities to all music students and encourage members to assume leadership positions, with the intention to leave behind a stronger and more collaborative music community when we graduate. In this way, we try our best to give back to the music program and share our love for music with the rest of Shorewood,” noted Chan. Stop by Ms. Helseth’s room, 1020 to learn more about how Tri-M is an integral part of the Shorewood community.