Captain’s corner: girls swim and dive

Catching up with the captains of Shorewood girls Swim

by Minseo Kim, Art director

Girls Swim has had a successful season this year with five meets won out of a total of eight meets. Here’s what senior captains Cameron Bell, Evie Hoffman, and Ingrid Lid had to say about the team.

How is this season different from last year’s?

Bell: “It definitely feels similar to freshman year season, I suppose…now we actually get to travel on the buses together again which is always fun.”

Hoff: “Last year, we had to split up into JV and Varsity for practicing, which we didn’t like very much because we felt we were divided then.”

Lid: “We lost a couple meets. We have really good swimmers and the team is very high energy this year, which I’m absolutely loving.”

Were there any obstacles or challenges faced during the season? How were they resolved?

Bell: “I definitely get down on myself when I’m not performing my best. But when you are in good health it’s a great sport and I love it. I love getting to meet people who are all able to support everybody else, myself included.”

Hoff: “There were people we didn’t know because we were in separate practices last year. But it’s not really an issue because we were able to resolve it throughout the course of the season.”

Lid: “The captains last year. I felt so bad for them because they were trying so hard to find ways to bring us together. We barely got to do much of dinners, just hanging out together outside of swim, or even changing lanes and stuff.”

You’re all seniors! Do you plan to continue swimming after high school?

Bell: “I’m looking at a lot of D3 schools for swimming, and then [for] D1 schools I’m applying to, I’m looking at their club teams and everything.”

Hoff: “I don’t want to look into swimming in college because I kind of want to go just not dive into something. I think I really want to just explore different things I wanted to do.”

Lid: “Maybe not team, because I’m not that fast. But I remember seeing the adults doing relays together [at Innis Arden pool] and I thought it would be so much fun.”

What is your favorite part of Girls Swim?

Bell: “Honestly just being together. Six same people practice in the same lane every single day, so when we get to mix that up and talk with different people from different classes and grades, I love that.”

Hoff: “I love our team cheer. We jump up and down a bunch and we spell out Shorewood. I think it brings us all together; it doesn’t matter if you are in JV race, Varsity race, or you are a diver… and I like that.”

Lid: “The bus rides from meets; we always have someone playing music really loud… I just love the entire team screaming Taylor Swift lyrics to each other.”