Students on the street, sophmores get beat

by Anya Farwell, Editor

Sophomore street. The infamous long stretch of tar that is located to the right of the football field, where many of us park every day due to the strict and somewhat inconclusive parking rules that are established at our school. Why is this? Poor construction planning. You’ll talk to people who will say “sophomore street isn’t that bad,” and realize that those are the people that park in the parking lot. 

Parkers on sophomore street know that their mornings start off a little earlier than most, because, well, of course, they need to get a good parking spot. Trust me, waking up late is a very painful process, especially when you show up to school past the bell and find people parking in a ditch and a no parking zone, which you would have also parked in if they weren’t there, and are now a victim of having to park a block away and walk the half mile to school. 

As a fellow student on the street, I feel that I am obligated to note the driving and parking skills of my fellow classmates. Not only do people not know how to park, but the minute their car pulls up on sophomore street, they forget the trusty elements of driving they learned not too long ago, which whittles my consensus down to the opinion that many of us should return to driving school, ASAP. 

To share with you some examples of bad parking would be too strenuous, so instead I will say that, when parking, always park the way traffic is flowing. PLEASE. It saves me a lot of time leaving at the end of the day, and saves people the feeling of being angry at you. And a little side note for those who think it is okay to leave a half-mile amount of space between cars because you think you might “hit” the other car. Pull forwards, trust me, no one cares. The only person you have to worry about is the angry driver that could have parked in the spot that your car is now taking up because you lacked the skills, and the brain, to understand how a slight 3-point turn works. 

As a desperate student who is obligated and forced to park on the street every day, please be considerate of other people, and how your driving skills impact everybody. So just take the extra time to pull forwards, and park the right way. That way everybody will have a spot to park.