Drink up: What your morning drink says about you

by Ingrid Lid, Staff

I’ve been there, drank that, so I am no one to judge. Here is what your morning drink of choice says about you.

Lemon water – You definitely wake up at 5 a.m. to go on your morning jog with your two little white dogs. You are the “it” girl. People secretly envy you, but not everybody is willing to hear about the new workout you’re trying. My only advice is to try getting some real sleep for once.

Any sort of decaf hot tea – What are you, 40? Here comes the parent of the friend group. I know you are sick of being the only one doing the work in your group project, but stay strong- you are going to make BANK in your future. Maybe stop people-pleasing so much and say “no” to something today. Also, when you get the chance send me a playlist or two because I would die to have your music taste.

A Redbull or Zero Ultra Monster – You are shaking and everyone can tell. There is no way this much energy is healthy for having only gotten three hours of sleep. Anyhow, you are doing great, keep going and PLEASE just take care of yourself man. Get some sleep and get those 32 missing assignments in.

Iced coffee – I wish I was you everytime I hear that ice shaking. Bonus points if you added creamer and caramel. This is just a recipe for a good, solid day. I trust you, but if all of a sudden we were in the apocalypse I would run for my life. You are, let’s just say… a good kind of crazy.

Hot black coffee – Do not pretend that you are not gagging at the thought. Your tongue has probably been burnt so many times that you just expect it at this point and for that alone, you scare me. Maybe you’re a teacher or maybe you were just up way too late, saw the coffee pot at 7:40 in the morning, and thought “why not?” Either way, maybe learn some breathing exercises or take up yoga. Just stop and take some time for yourself.